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5 Unique Client Gift Ideas for Business Owners

Without your clients your business would not survive. So, when it comes to looking after your clients and boosting their loyalty, it helps to get a little creative. Clients who are happy with you and your company will consider working with you again when the opportunity arises. They will, perhaps, even refer you to others if they have a great experience with your brand.
Client gifts build relationships and keep your brand at the forefront of your client's mind. What is important is picking the right gift. Finding a thoughtful gift that communicates the right message is paramount.
We have got a few unique ideas to get you started.

1. Discover their tastes and preferences

If you know a few things they appreciate, whether it is sports, handmade items, or books, you're off to a good start. Think about sending them a gift that's either practical or something they'll value. There's nothing worse than putting together a box with corporate swag like socks, t-shirts, pens, and water bottles with your brand name printed on them. Remember, client gifting is about gifting your clients something they will appreciate and personalising the gift with a card or note that lets them know who it's from. We have learned that people love receiving gifts that have a unique story.

If you know your client can't go more than a few hours without a cup of coffee, send them a coffee gift. The best part about a coffee gift is that it's gender-neutral and will likely be consumed very quickly. It's such a great and thoughtful way to tell them you appreciate them.
Send them a curated box like the Pick-Me-Up Hamper. A gift bundle like this will have them smiling ear to ear. It will remind them of your kindness for years to come.

2. Gifts for BBQ Lovers

If your clients enjoy a good BBQ, pick out a practical, non-novelty gift they’ll find super-useful and enjoyable. If they’re grilling enthusiasts, they’ll likely have pans and cookware that work with their charcoal or electric grillers. They might like and appreciate a box of gourmet nibbles when they’re out grilling with their family or friends.
Our pick is The Weekender, BBQ Bestie gift box with Aussie grown gourmet organic and vegan munchies, organic wine, and a pack of ‘Thyme – to – celebrate’ thyme seeds for their herb garden. A gift such as this pairs well with grilled foods and comes across as a very kind and thoughtful gesture.

3. Gifts for the Home

A brilliant way to keep your clients happy is to think of a gift that will appeal to their family. Think of finding gifts that are not too personal and send something the entire family might enjoy. If you’re don't know whether your client has older or younger kids and find it embarrassing to ask, we recommend gifting something like our unique indigenous-inspired gift box ‘Cooinda’.
Loaded with products designed by local and indigenous artists, it is sure to impress. From practical items for the home to tasty gourmet organic Australian snacks, we’ve picked just the right combination of products for this gift box.

4. Gifts for the Office or Home Office

Whether they spend more time at the office or their home office, they’ll love a unique gift box with items they can use to make notes and stay organised. Clients love receiving eco spiral bound journals that are presentable, durable, and great for taking notes at the office or on the go. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, these journals are designed to spark creativity and capture ideas as they come. When paired with a gifts like a bar of artisanal chocolate, a scented affirmation candle, and a box of stress relieving tea, it makes an impressive client gift that will lift their spirit straightaway.

Guard Your Heart Hamper

5. Custom Gifts for Special Occasions

If you’re inviting your most loyal and valued clients to a thank you dinner or cocktail party, it’s a good idea to consider gifting them something that will leave a lasting impression. We recommend gifts that could be specially engraved with their initials together with a variety of gourmet treats made by local Aussie artisans and indigenous business owners.

If you’d like more ideas or a gift concierge who will work 1:1 with you to source the right gifts, gift wrap your products and personalise your boxes and take care of the logistics, get in touch with us at One Kind Box. Contact us or send us an email at