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Our Artisans Have a Shared Purpose.

They incorporate sustainability into their business practices and address various global issues like climate change and unfair working conditions.
Discover their raison d'être.

Aly Gonzalez

Authentically Venus

In 2020 Aly Gonzalez, the smiling face and creative mind behind Authentically Venus went on a quest to live out her true purpose in life. She launched her stationery, candle, and design brand out of her desire to live an authentic life. No borrowed goals, period!

Her story is one of self-awareness, self-love, and empowerment. Aly’s collection of affirmation candles is designed to remind and inspire women to discover their authentic selves and fulfil their true potential.

These eco-friendly affirmation candles strengthen self-worth and encourage an optimistic mindset. They come in fruity fragrances like watermelon, black fig, and cotton candy. You can light them up and start projecting some positive energy. It’s designed to leave you feeling optimistic and full of hope.

Aly is committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives. She donates 5% of her sales to Beyond Blue, which is an organisation that supports Australians struggling with mental health concerns. So each candle you buy has the potential to help you and those going through periods of mental distress.

Angela R.

Angela's Bush Soaps

One Kind Box is so glad to have collaborated with Angela’s Bush Soaps in creating our collection of bath soaps that look, feel, and smell gorgeous! Angela’s Bush Soaps are a small family business in Sydney. They specialise in cold process handmade soap bars and personal care products that are both eco and skin-friendly.

Angela began making soaps in 2016, and she now sells at markets all over Sydney. Each soap bar is consciously-handcrafted with various butters, oils, essential oils and clays. She says that the beauty of soapmaking is that the unexpected and wonderful can happen. Each bar is beautiful and unique, with many colours and botanicals.

We love her natural and bush-inspired soaps that we stock at One Kind Box, including Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass, Oatmeal and Honey, and Cherry blossom. We also value small artisans and brands like Angela's Bush Soaps that share our ethos of caring for the environment. We can't wait to work on new blends and offer a broader range of healthy and safe bath care products.

Fatema K.

The Chai Room

From working as a fashion designer in London to creating and selling her tea blends in Australia, ambitious and optimistic Fatema, the founder of The Chai Room, has an exciting story to tell.

Feeling a little homesick after her move from the UK to Australia, Fatema turned to her family’s traditional Chai-making recipes and rituals for comfort. It wasn’t long before she started sharing her delectable homemade brews with her friends in Sydney. Her brand —The Chai Room—is a product of these experiences.

She sources premium tea leaves from single-origin tea farms in Assam. Both the farmers and the land on which the tea is grown are well-cared-for. With effective sustainability practices in place, these farms produce outstanding teas with rich flavours you’ll discover in each jar of tea, hand-blended by Fatema at The Chai Room.

Alyssa W.

Toil & Trouble

Alyssa Wright, tea-guru and owner of herbal tea company Toil & Trouble in NSW, creates handmade blends with natural ingredients known for their healing properties.

As a qualified herbalist and florist, she has a profound knowledge of all things plant-based. Alyssa, sources her leaves and herbs locally and uses eco-friendly packaging to keep her teas fresh and accessible to tea drinkers everywhere.

Enjoy her exclusive range of teas hot or cold for that early morning jolt or when you feel you deserve a good tea break.

Alyssa's small-batch made collection runs the gamut from the classics like organic chamomile to the more remedial blends that aid with sleep, hormonal imbalances, and breastfeeding.

You could even venture into a world of new flavours with her fruity blends like Mango Marley and Hi-Berry-Biscus - perfect gifts for tea-lovers in your life!

Better World Arts

Better World Arts (BWA) is an endorsed member of Fairtrade ANZ. They house a brilliant collection of Indigenous fine art and crafts that help artists and artisans build sustainable futures for themselves.

Their innovative range of handmade homewares and accessories are fresh, stylish, and always ethically produced. Each product—a combination of detailed Indigenous artwork and fine craftsmanship—is a true expression of Indigenous culture and storytelling.

BWA supports both Aboriginal artists from remote Australian communities and traditional artisans living in the remote regions of Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Peru, West Bengal, and Nepal.

Barefoot Farms

Matt and Ash, owners of Barefoot Farms, located in the Byron Bay Hinterland, are passionate about the paddock to plate ethos.

They follow organic farming principles on their pecan orchards in the Eltham Valley and grow premium-quality pesticide-free pecans that are nothing short of addictive.

The pecans come roasted and then coated in various types of chocolate and savoury offerings. Sure crowd pleasers!

At Barefoot Farms, the focus is on ethical and sustainable farming practices, natural fertilisation and proper soil management. Their farm-fresh pecans and pecan products pair perfectly well with a nice cup of tea or coffee. You can sprinkle them on salads, add them to a cheese platter or grab a handful to enjoy while watching Netflix!

Heidi Hackworth

Earth Greetings

Australian-based stationery and accessories brand —Earth Greetings—is at the forefront of sustainability. Founded by Heidi Hackworth in 2003, this brand goes the extra mile, treading lightly on the environment. They’re plastic-free, solar-powered, carbon-neutral and give more than 10% of their profits to wildlife and habitat charities.

They bring to the market a beautiful range of earth-friendly paper, cards, letters, journals, and planners made from post-consumer waste sourced from FSC certified mills.

Earth Greetings use only vegetable-based inks that reduce the amount of VOCs released into the atmosphere during printing.

Their premium tree-free paper products look outstanding and are easy to recycle. Choose from tree-free birthday cards, bookmarks, planners and more. Their amazingly talented artists and illustrators create fascinating designs inspired by Australian flora, fauna, wildlife, and indigenous culture.

You’ll love each well-thought-out piece, and we know your gift recipients will appreciate them as well!


ethica, a Fairtrade social enterprise founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, takes pride in bringing to the market a range of ethically-made products that put people and the planet first.

Right from its inception, the enterprise recognised the need to empower Peruvian women in matters of pay, equality and freedom. They created economic and educational opportunities for artisan groups from remote areas in Peru, helping them earn an income through the sale of their beautifully designed handcrafted Peruvian products.

If you listen close enough, you’ll hear the unique story behind each handmade item, patiently and meticulously knitted by women artisans from rural and marginalised communities in Peru. Every thread, baby blanket and rattle talks about the artisan’s commitment to creating sustainable and expertly crafted products that become a part of your gifting story.

The women who create these stunning ethica products are trained, paid a fair wage, and encouraged to pass on their skills and traditions to future generations. By earning a fair wage, they achieve financial stability, earn respect in society, gain confidence and support their own families.

Their use of sustainable materials like Alpaca wool and passion for conserving the planet through minimal use of packaging earns them extra brownie points.

Eco Food Boards

This company - based in Byron Bay - crafts beautiful chopping boards that tastefully accentuate any kitchen. They care about the environment, value sustainability and love supporting local farmers. By exclusively sourcing Camphor Laurel harvested in the Byron Bay area, they play a huge role in restoring local native vegetation.

When local farmers are asked to remove trees in the area, Eco Food Boards remove hewn logs and pay farmers to offset their clearing costs, helping both the planet and local farmers.

Each board is high in quality and craftsmanship - a statement piece you would love to have on your kitchen counter. No two boards are the same. They’re hewn from a single piece of Camphor Laurel timber known for its natural anti-microbial properties. Each chopping board has a unique colour and wood grain. They’re kiln-dried on the farm and designed to last a long time.

Little Zebra Chocolates

It isn’t always easy finding premium-quality chocolate that’s dairy, sugar, nut, and palm oil-free. Even if you find a bar that fits these requirements, think about the packaging it comes in. Is it home compostable? Not always, we agree.

We were overjoyed when we discovered Little Zebra Chocolates and their broad range of chocolate bars and carobs. These exquisite chocolates are quite the rage at the moment. They’re low GI, nut, dairy, soy and palm-oil free, and they come in many flavour profiles and textures, ranging from the classic darks and whites to the bolder varieties like orange, chilli, and coconut.

Little Zebra Chocolates are small batch-made with sustainably sourced cocoa beans and unsweetened coconut milk derived from organically grown coconuts.

Bernard Walker and Sabina Muir, the creators of these rich, delicious and sugar-free treats, have crafted a range that anyone can enjoy, including diabetics, keto-lovers, and those with lactose and nut intolerances.

What’s even more exciting is that their chocolates come packaged in Australian Certified home-compostable films that keep the chocolate fresh and conventional plastic-free. Sustainability to the core! So, if you’re a health and enviro-conscious chocolate lover, you’ll appreciate the entire range of Little Zebra Chocolates. Get ready – your moment of sweet indulgence