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Kara Meta Wattleseed Hot Chocolate

  • Rich, creamy and delicious with a beautiful melt-in-your-mouth experience. This hot chocolate is brought to you by Indigenous-owned food business Mabu Mabu.

    It's a dairy and caffeine-free hot chocolate mix flavoured with wattleseed, cinnamon myrtle, star anise and raw sugar. One sip and you won't put that cup down.

    Just add milk and enjoy the deep flavours as they linger on your palette.

    Did you know? Mabu Mabu is a Torres Strait saying that translates to 'help yourself'. This restaurant founded by Nornie Bero is on a mission to make native ingredients part of Australia’s contemporary national cuisine.

    The wattleseed hot chocolate is part of her range of pantry items titled 'Kara Meta' which means 'My Home' in the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Strait.