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Aboriginal Art Foldable Shopping Bag

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  • This beautifully designed tote bag features Stephen Jupurrula Nelson's brilliant artwork - Janganpa Jukurrpa, and has been made by ethical and fair trade partners Better World Arts.

    This cotton bag is exceptionally handy as you can neatly fold it and put it in your handbag or glove box. It's eco-friendly, reusable and aesthetically appealing.

    Did you know? Better World Arts works with Australian Aboriginal artists from remote communities across Australia, from Arnhem Land to Central and the Western Desert regions, from rural locations and cities. The artists benefit from royalties paid to them every month.

    They also work with traditional artisans from remote regions in Kashmir, Peru, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal (Tibetan refugees), creating culturally appropriate opportunities for them that help them supplement their rural income.