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Caramel Clusters With Native Wattleseed

  • A little bit nutty, a little bit crunchy and every bit satisfying! Native Australian Wattleseed paired perfectly with the smooth, creamy & caramelly notes of dates, maple, mesquite, and maca.

    Spiked with a hint of roasted coffee, a splash of vanilla brandy, and zingy ginger, these crunchy, nutty, flavour-full clusters are delicious and made with activated ingredients that offer you greater nutritional benefits than regular nuts.

    This wholesome combination of gut-loving activated nuts, seeds, and fruits is rich in protein, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

    Sprinkle some on your favourite salad or smoothie, or enjoy straight out of the bag.

    Did you know? Kombucha-activated nuts are easier to digest, offer a bigger crunch, and are more nutrient-dense (bio-available).

    The clusters come sustainably packed in a bio-bag that's home compostable.