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Christian Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy

  • Speak blessings over yourself and your baby with these powerful Christian affirmation cards that remind you of God's goodness.

    Calm your fears, erase thoughts of doubt or worry and replace them with these stress-reducing affirmations that align your body and mind with the word of God.

    Take a moment each day to encourage yourself and your baby as you meditate on God's message for your life. Let the words sink into your heart as you repeat them for yourself and the baby in your womb.

    Experience His love, peace and healing through these affirmations as you declare them over your life through each trimester and at the time of childbirth.

    These Christian affirmation cards are an ideal gift for any mum-to-be, making them feel stronger, more confident and safe. They encourage expectant mothers to live from a place of peace and trust in God's goodness.

    Includes 10 affirmation cards printed on 300gsm paper, beautifully wrapped and delivered in paper packaging.