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Eros Love & Vitality Snack

  • Amore...Crafted By Cupid! Eros is a light, fruity blend with cranberries & pomegranate to tickle the tip of your tongue, with an undertone of smooth white chocolate, thanks to the creaminess of cacao butter & velvety vanilla.

    The union of pomegranate, ginger and maca root encourage a flow of love-promoting hormones and the heart-opening qualities of rose and vanilla make this blend ideal… for breakfast in bed.

    Pour milk over a bowl of Eros Love and watch it turn a lovely shade of pink, with pretty rose petals floating to the top. How love-ly and indulgent!

    Sprinkle some on your favourite smoothie bowl, add it to home-made chocolate or even use it to garnish a white or dark chocolate cake.

    Did you know? Kombucha-activated nuts are easier to digest, offer a bigger crunch, and are more nutrient-dense (bio-available). The granola comes sustainably packed in a bio-bag that's home compostable.