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Flavours of Christmas Gift Hamper

 Includes Gift Wrapping

You'll enjoy this limited-edition festive box that comes with our curated collection of small-batch gourmet treats that will make any Christmas lunch extra special.

  • -2 x Organic Vegan Wines by Tamburlaine Wines. This hamper includes 1 x Shiraz and 1 x Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are vegan, low-sulphur, with no added sulphur or preservatives. They're made from fruit that's grown through organic and sustainable farming practices.

    -Keto White Chocolate Crunch by Little Zebra Chocolates. Delicious, vegan, dairy and sugar-free chocolate made from sustainably sourced Cacao. This guilt-free bar has a smooth and creamy texture with notes of vanilla and coconut milk. Satisfy your cravings without the extra calories. Can be enjoyed by everyone, including vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, keto-lovers, and those with soy, lactose or gluten intolerance. Handcrafted in Australia and packaged in certified home compostable films.

    -Single O Speciality Coffee. This pack of 5 coffee parachutes gives you the best of both worlds. You get high-quality coffee with the convenience of a drip bag you can use on the go. Single O chutes are made with ethically sourced beans that are expertly roasted and ground. Expect ripe stone, vibrant acidity & malty sweetness. The parachutes are fully compostable. Drop them in your home compost bin or FOGO collection.

    -Organic & Activated Maple Munchies. Sustainably manufactured by Mindful Foods in NSW. This jar of munchies is such a treat. Far from ordinary nuts, these Kombucha-activated pecans and walnuts are covered with nut butter and a caramelly cinnamon crust. They’re delectably crunchy, leaving you teetering between wanting more and feeling deeply, deeply satisfied. Kombucha-activated nuts are much easier to digest than regular nuts. They are higher in nutrients as well. Add it to yoghurt, sprinkle it over salads, place it on a cheeseboard and take some along on your next picnic.

    - Small-batch Jam by Mabu Mabu. This jam is best enjoyed with a batch of scones or damper. Your tastebuds will enjoy the fruity and aromatic flavours packed in every jar.
  • Tamburlaine Organic Wines was first established in 1966. In 1985 the Hunter winery was purchased by a small group of friends and relatives led by Managing Director, Head of Grape and Wine Production, Mark Davidson. Through years of research and development, they have become one of Australia’s largest producers of organic wines with vineyards in the Hunter Valley and Orange region. They work to lead the way with their Contemporary Organics vision, successfully producing award-winning organic, vegan-friendly, low-sulphur and no-added-sulphur wines. Their Contemporary Organic philosophy aims to produce wines of terroir while limiting environmental pollution and leaving the land in the best condition possible for generations to follow. Their contemporary winemaking utilises plant-based fining agents while keeping sulphur additions to a minimum.

    Little Zebra Chocolates create delicious, guilt-free bars of chocolate from sustainably sourced Cocoa Beans. Their bars are low GI and plant-milk based. They're perfect for those who want to enjoy chocolate without the added sugar or calories. While some bars contain Xylitol, a natural and excellent alternative to sugar, their 100% dark variety comes unsweetened. Suitable for all, including vegans, diabetics, and people who have an intolerance or nut allergies.

    Mindful Foods, a grassroots health food company in NSW, create healthy, tasty, and sustainably packaged products that you will love. Their range of nuts and clusters is crunchier, tastier, and more nutritious than regular nuts. Being organic and activated (pre-soaked in Kombucha), these nuts are easy to digest and loaded with healthy fats. Georgie and James, owners of Mindful Foods believe in a sustainable food future. Their products come packaged in glass jars or compostable pouches, carefully chosen to support the health of people and the planet.

    Single O create great-tasting coffee in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. They partner and support coffee producers in Central America and Africa who uphold excellent standards, wages, and environmental practices while delivering high-worth coffee. Their Chute blend tastes brilliant with a splash of milk. Enjoy a cup when you're camping, bush walking or chilling on the couch. Every pack supports climate & biodiversity causes via their 1% for the Planet Membership & World Coffee Research.

    Mabu Mabu is on a mission to put Indigenous ingredients in kitchens across Australia. Their range of pantry items is titled ‘Kara Meta.’ In the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Strait, this means ‘my home.’ This hospitality and food business based in Melbourne is owned by Nornie Bero an Island girl - from the Komet Tribe of the Meriam people of Mer Island. As a professional chef for over 20 years in Melbourne and London, Bero is passionate about sharing the food culture she grew up with on the Islands. Her mission is to get native herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and sustainable meats in every Australian kitchen pantry.