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Mum & Bub, Organic Tea Leaves

  • Toil & Trouble's Mum and Bub Organic loose-leaf herbal tea is a special blend that supports breastfeeding mums and their bubs.

    This herbal infusion is caffeine-free and made from all-natural ingredients. It's handmade and small-batch blended in NSW.

    Mum and Bub Tea contains a fabulous mix of ingredients like Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Caraway, Organic Fennel, and Organic Aniseed. These ingredients are carefully blended together keeping both the mother's health and bub's tummy in mind.

    The packaging is entirely home-compostable, including the outer 7cm cubed box and the inner heat-sealed bag.

    Each box contains 20 serves of loose-leaf herbal tea. Enjoy a cup or send a box to a friend who'd benefit from this tea's nutritional and health-promoting properties.