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My One & Only Hamper

 Includes Gift Box and Wrapping

The perfect Valentine's Day Gift with just the goodies they'll love including artisanal chocolate, speciality tea, a luxurious bath soak that offers the ultimate home-spa experience, a calming linen eye pillow and the cutest 'Love you from my head tomatoes' seed pack you'll ever find.

Fully gift boxed and wrapped with our signature packaging. Express your love with a luxurious gift hamper this Valentine's Day.

  • -Mae Laine Bath Teabag - Love Luxurious bath product that pampers your skin and soothes your soul. This unique small-batch blend is a combo of Rose Quartz - the stone of universal love, Himalayan Rock Salts, Epsom Salts, Rose Geranium & Jasmine Pure Essential Oils, and Rose Petals. The fresh and calming scents melt stress away and leave you with the ultimate home spa experience. Each blend comes specially wrapped for One Kind Box in paper packaging and Mae Laine's characteristic calico bag (good to reuse). Save the Rose Quartz Crystals as a keepsake after use. Handmade in the Hunter Valley.

    -Strawberry Gum Leaf Tea by The Chai Room. Enjoy a fresh cup of The Chai Room's native tea blend - a delicious rich infusion of bush herbs and Australian-grown green tea. This mellow golden brew is an ode to local tea growers who produce the freshest, purest teas while nurturing the land and keeping it cultivated. Strawberry gum leaf chai is a light, grassy mellow blend with a hint of strawberries. Each cup offers shades of passion fruit and berries. Native cinnamon myrtle elevates the notes with a subtle cinnamon flavour. Since Gum leaf chai is low in caffeine, it is a perfect brew for any time of the day.

    -Maya Muse Pure Linen Eye Pillow Maya Muse eye pillows bring comfort and relief from migraines and sore eyes. Made out of soft pure linen and screen printed by hand. These pillows contain a soothing and restorative blend of linseed and lavender. The gentle weight of the pillow on the eyes together with the light scent of lavender promotes a sense of peace and relaxation.

    -Lake Salt Crunch artisanal chocolate by Tilda & Cacao. Discover the delicate crunch of Cacao nibs and the intense flavour of raw cacao combined in this consciously crafted bar. Plant-based and vegan-friendly. Packaged in home compostable>

    -Rainforest Rarity artisanal chocolate by Tilda & Cacao. This bar is a combination of native Davidson Plum and raw cacao. Intensely fruity and slightly tart with deep cacao flavours. You'll enjoy its perfect balance of sour and sweet. Plant-based and vegan-friendly. Packaged in home compostable films.

    -A witty pretty pack of 'Love you from my head tomatoes' untreated tomato seeds by Rosie Lou. Each pack comes with planting instructions and a mini garden stake cutout.

  • Mae Laine is a female-owned business in the Hunter Valley that creates the most luxurious bath products that nourish the skin and invigorate the senses. Mae Laine is owned and operated by Kylie. Her hand-blended range of bath salts and personal care products are made using ingredients grown by nature. Each blend smells extraordinary, packed with the goodness of pure essential oils, therapeutic salts and botanicals. Based on the philosophies of holistic health, aromatherapy and herbal tinctures, her innovative and fresh bath products cleanse, hydrate, and promote healing.

    The Chai Room is a Sydney-based tea brand. This female-owned business is run by the very charming and ambitious Fatema Khanbhai. She creates the most delicious and exotic tea blends that tell a story of her heritage. Fatema's story is one with which many women would relate. After travelling the world and having a very successful career in fashion design in London, Fatema fell in love and moved to Australia. Feeling a little homesick, she turned to her family's chai-making rituals for comfort. This eventually became her life's calling, and she soon began sharing her passion for chai with others. Fatema sources premium tea leaves from single-origin farms in Assam. Her outstanding teas are hand-blended in Sydney. They're indulgent, flavour-packed and perfect for birthday hampers, get-well-soon hampers, staff appreciation or 'just because' gifts.

    Maya Muse Textiles create beautiful, meaningful and functional textiles using the time-honoured traditional printing technique called hand-screen printing. Founded by Maya Queenan, this company believes in creating products the ethical and sustainable way. Their exceptional textile products are made from pure linen - one of the most durable and biodegradable fabrics in the fashion industry. The designs are timeless, inspired by the colours and textures of the Australian landscape and unique Australian botanicals. Each item is a statement piece, brilliant in design and functionality and designed for longevity. They're handmade right here in Sydney in small batches, designed purposefully to make everyday living a little more stylish, fun and comfy.

    Tilda & Cacao are a family-run business in NSW. Their chocolate bars are consciously crafted using plant-based, vegan-friendly ingredients, including raw organic Criollo cacao, fairly traded and grown by UTZ Certified Organic farmers in Peru. They are passionate about pioneering a chocolate artistry process that positively impacts everyone involved - from the consumer to the growers, the community and the planet. We're positive you'll love their chocolate blends as much as we do.

    Rosie Lou was created by two design and pun-loving sisters, Olivia and Camille. As enthusiastic earth-lovers, the Rosie Lou sisters understand that mass-producing paper can take its toll on our beautiful planet. They sleep easy at night, though, priding themselves on producing products with minimal environmental impact. The earth-friendly stationery is designed and printed in Australia on 100% post-consumer recycled cards with vegetable-based inks. Their seed packs designed with witty puns let you connect to the people who bring meaning to your life, celebrating and appreciating all things big and small - while happily reducing your environmental impact.