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Strawberry Gum Leaf Chai

  • Enjoy a fresh cup of The Chai Room's native tea blend - a delicious rich infusion of bush herbs and Australian-grown green tea.

    This mellow golden brew is an ode to local tea growers who produce the freshest, purest teas while nurturing the land and keeping it cultivated.

    Strawberry gum leaf chai is a light, grassy mellow blend with a hint of strawberries. Each cup offers shades of passion fruit and berries. Native cinnamon myrtle elevates the notes with a subtle cinnamon flavour.

    Since Gum leaf chai is low in caffeine, it's a perfect brew for any time of the day.

    The Chai Room works closely with local growers to support what is available on our doorstep. Enjoy this blend and continue the 'local supporting local' vibe.