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Turmeric & Raw Honey Tea

  • The Chai Room's award-winning Turmeric and Honey chai is a powerful mix of fresh organic turmeric, organic and premium spices, and raw honey gently blended in a slow process, to preserve the integrity of each ingredient.

    The very bee-friendly raw honey used in this blend is sourced from local growers in Murrumburrah, NSW. The end result is a chai that warms and leaves you feeling invigorated.

    Since this blend contains honey that's unprocessed and unpasteurised, you get all the vitamins, enzymes and nutritional elements that are naturally present in raw honey.

    Did you know? The health benefits of turmeric chai are enormous! As well as being an anti-inflammatory and a great immune booster, it is wonderful for fresh-looking skin. Pour yourself a fragant and flavour-filled cup and enjoy its pleasant notes and health-boosting properties.