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You're the Best, Gift Hamper

 Includes Gift Wrapping

If you'd like to send thoughts of appreciation to work colleagues, a mentor, or even someone special in your life, you'll love this thank-you gift hamper. We've packed in a fantastic combination of items including a witty pack of 'Nothing Beets You' seeds to convey your thoughts in the sweetest and kindest way. 

  • -A witty pretty pack of 'Nothing Beets You' untreated Australian beetroot seeds by Rosie Lou with planting instructions and a mini garden stake cutout.

    -Nina’s Bees' Multi-award-winning Natural Soap with Beeswax & Honey is lovingly handcrafted at Nina's boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains. This soap is made using only natural ingredients, the finest organic oils & butter together with beeswax and honey. It's gentle, lathers well, and leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and clean. It contains a blend of mild and luscious oils including Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Babassu butter. These carefully chosen oils have great conditioning and moisturising properties, making the soap very mild and highly conditioning.

    -The Chai Room's award-winning Turmeric and Honey chai is a powerful mix of fresh organic turmeric, organic and premium spices, and raw honey gently blended in a slow process, to preserve the integrity of each ingredient. The very bee-friendly raw honey used in this blend is sourced from local growers in Murrumburrah, NSW. The end result is a chai that warms and leaves you feeling invigorated.

    -Organic & Activated Maple Munchies. Sustainably manufactured by Mindful Foods in NSW. This jar of munchies is such a treat. Far from ordinary nuts, these Kombucha-activated pecans and walnuts are covered with nut butter and a caramelly cinnamon crust. They’re delectably crunchy, leaving you teetering between wanting more and feeling deeply, deeply satisfied. Kombucha-activated nuts are much easier to digest than regular nuts. They are higher in nutrients as well. Add it to yoghurt, sprinkle it over salads, place it on a cheeseboard and take some along on your next picnic.

    -Cranberry Nougat by One Kind Box. Soft and nutty with the characteristic tartness of cranberries. Incredibly moreish, loaded with the goodness of cashews, almonds, and pistachios. Handcrafted in Sydney by migrant female artisans. Packed in home compostable films.

    -100% Dark Supreme Chocolate by Little Zebra Chocolates. This unsweetened bar of chocolate is delicious, vegan, dairy and sugar-free. It's made from sustainably sourced Cacao and is loved by everyone including those with intolerances, allergies and people on a low-sugar diet. You'll appreciate its deep and rich flavour profile and savour every bite. Comes wrapped in home compostable packaging.

    -Earth Greetings Greeting Card. This eco-greeting card features the artwork of local artist Claire Ishino. It's a beautiful botanical-inspired greeting card that's suitable for many occasions. Neutral colour palette to suit any gender. Blank on the inside with enough space for a lovely handwritten message. Printed on 100% recycled card stock.
  • Rosie Lou was created by two design and pun-loving sisters, Olivia and Camille. As enthusiastic earth-lovers, the Rosie Lou sisters understand that mass-producing paper can take its toll on our beautiful planet, but they sleep easy at night priding themselves on producing products with minimal environmental impact. The earth-friendly stationery is designed and printed in Australia on 100% post-consumer recycled cards with vegetable-based inks. Their seed packs designed with witty puns let you connect to the people who bring meaning to your life, celebrating and appreciating all things big and small - while happily reducing your environmental impact.

    Nina's Bees is an award-winning boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Nina takes pride in creating clean skincare formulas with Australian-grown native essential oils and natural ingredients. She follows the National Organic Guidelines for Beekeeping and is actively involved in rehoming and raising bees. Her products are 100% natural and free from harsh chemicals and toxins. The company values sustainability. They avoid plastics in their packaging, use recycled boxes for mailing their items, and create zero-waste while manufacturing their products.

    The Chai Room is a Sydney-based tea brand. This female-owned business is run by the very charming and ambitious Fatema Khanbhai. She creates the most delicious and exotic tea blends that tell a story of her heritage. Fatema's story is one with which many women would relate. After travelling the world and having a very successful career in fashion design in London, Fatema fell in love and moved to Australia. Feeling a little homesick, she turned to her family's chai-making rituals for comfort. This eventually became her life's calling, and she soon began sharing her passion for chai with others. Fatema sources premium tea leaves from single-origin farms in Assam. Her outstanding teas are hand-blended in Sydney. They're indulgent, flavour-packed and perfect for birthday hampers, get well soon hampers, staff appreciation or 'just because gifts.

    Mindful Foods, a grassroots health food company in NSW, create healthy, tasty, and sustainably packaged products that you will love. Their range of nuts and clusters is crunchier, tastier, and more nutritious than regular nuts. Being organic and activated (pre-soaked in Kombucha), these nuts are easy to digest and loaded with healthy fats. Georgie and James, owners of Mindful Foods believe in a sustainable food future. Their products come packaged in glass jars or compostable pouches, carefully chosen to support the health of people and the planet.

    One Kind Box Nougat has been lovingly handcrafted by a group of female food artisans XI LU. They specialise in making nougat in various flavours and sell their confectionery across various markets in NSW. We saw this as an opportunity to bring you their best-selling flavour in eco-packaging and create a market pathway to help them reach a broader customer base through our digital platform. We hope each nougat bar will have you smacking your lips. With your support, we hope to encourage women artisans like XI LU and add new flavours to our collection.

    Little Zebra Chocolates create delicious, guilt-free bars of chocolate from sustainably sourced Cocoa Beans. Their bars are low GI and plant-milk based. They're perfect for those who want to enjoy chocolate without the added sugar or calories. While some bars contain Xylitol, a natural and excellent alternative to sugar, their 100% dark variety comes unsweetened. Suitable for all including, vegans, diabetics, and people who have an intolerance or nut allergies.

    Earth Greetings is an Australian eco-stationery company. Their cards are printed in Australia using vegetable inks on paper made from 100% post-consumer waste. They're also solar-powered and carbon-neutral. Their beautiful collection of cards and earth-friendly gifts are inspired by Australian flora and fauna. They support local Australian artists and donate 10% of their profits to organisations that care for wildlife, habitat and communities in need.